Does Creatine Really Burn Belly Fat?

Creatine is a supplement that I hear about from a lot of my friends who exercise on a regular basis. The reaction to it is sort of a mix bag or sorts. Some of them are totally against it while others I know live by it. Some of my body building friends use it as staple in all of their pre workout regiments. But the question is “will it work to lose weight”? And more importantly does creatine burn belly fat?

What Does It Do?

It delivers extra energy to your muscles during high intensity workouts which allows you to exercise for a longer time allowing to complete more reps.

Your body actually creates its own creatine through various organs like your liver, kidneys, and pancreas. Some folks I know like to take in powder form in order to boost their levels which are in turn stored in the muscles. I won’t get into whether creatine is effective in general or not in this post, but I will dive deeper into whether it work for burning belly fat.

does creatine burn belly fat

Will Creatine Help Trim My Midsection?

Is creatine effective at burning abdominal fat? The short answer is NO. There is no evidence that creatine will target and burn belly fat. In fact, you may actually gain weight in your first week of consumption due to an increase in water weight.

How Creatine Can Help in Fat Buring?

Where it may help is it allows you do more reptations building muscle. Increasing muscle in turn increases your metabolism which will increase your ability to burn fat as a fuel source. So, in the longer term it may help as long as you exercise regularly. In short there are no quick ways to shortcut the process in your journey to losing weight. In the end it is all about hard work, dedication, and consistency.

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